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Garry F. Liday
Financial Coach
Retirement Asset Managers, Inc. *

Garry Liday’s mission is to help people discover and successfully apply methods about investing and wealth creation and to help them achieve a life of wealth and balance.  His passion and unique ability to simply explain and inspire people to get to the core of what really matters in their financial lives is bold and empowering.  By increasing a client’s diversification, lowering their risk and increasing their rate of expected return he helps lead people to more financial peace of mind.

In 1970, Garry started his own General Insurance Agency, where he quickly became one of the top State Farm Agents in the nation.  In 1978, he became an Independent Broker specializing in business insurance, employee benefits, and retirement planning.  From 1996 to early 2001, Garry was a manager for a national Fortune 500 Company, responsible for municipal employees’ retirement programs in Oregon and Washington.

Today, Garry works as a Financial Coach and Registered Investment Advisor taking people through The Investor Coaching Process that he developed with the help of his personal coaches, Mark Matson, the founder of Matson Money in Cincinnati, OH and Steve D’Annunzio with Soul Purpose Institute in Rochester, NY.  The dynamic process they have created gives Garry’s clients the opportunity to reach higher levels of peace of mind and wealth, while eliminating unnecessary confusion and anxiety.  He accomplishes this by engaging his clients in a unique process that combines a Nobel Prize winning investment philosophy, transformative wealth coaching and the empirical, yet many widely unknown academic principals of investing into a powerful process that is known as The Investor Coaching Process.

Garry works primarily with people in their mid 40’s and older including pre-retirees, retirees, seniors and affluent small business owners, helping them grow, protect & distribute their financial assets.  He conducts public educational seminars and gives talks at retirement centers, businesses and other locations in the Portland area on topics such as growing, protecting & distributing financial assets, catastrophic illness, long-term care, charitable giving, estate planning, life insurance, privatized banking and investor coaching.  He also teaches client education classes bi-monthly to all his clients.

Garry is currently a member of:

  • AARP  1-800-566-0242
  • National Association Of Insurance & Financial Advisors 1-877-866-2432
  • National Council on Aging 1-202-479-1200
  • National Ethics Association 1-800-282-1831
  • Portland Area Better Business Bureau 503-222-2255
  • Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce 503-693-1656
*A Registered Investment Advisory Firm