Safety First

We believe our clients want protection of their principal!

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Reasonable Return

We will evaluate your needs and offer you potential solutions!

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Keep It Simple

Your financial future doesn’t have to be complicated!

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Are You Concerned About Your Wealth?

Garry Liday Garry Liday, the president of Retirement Asset Managers Inc. an RIA firm, understands that true wealth mean being able to share your life with the people you love – free from financial axiety. We help retirees preserve and protect their wealth with comprehensive financial retirement planning.
What is the “Fiduciary Standard”?
What is an RIA?

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Legal Fiduciary Responsibility

I would like to emphasize I offer complete range of investing from Market Risk to Safe money depending on the client’s needs. I am an RIA, (Registered Investment Advisor) with a legal Fiduciary Responsibility to my clients.
Examples of TV Personalities who are dangerous to your Financial Health/Wealth: Jim Cramer, Harry Dent, Suzie Ormond & Porter Stansberry.
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Integrity, Reliability, & Commitment

These three qualities reflect the core of who we are as a company and how we operate. We act with integrity, always keeping your safety and growth as our priority. We are reliable, here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and educate you so that you are confident moving forward with your plan. We carry a commitment to do right by you and remain a steadfast guide throughout your financial journey.